command wl radio on / wl radio off

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command wl radio on / wl radio off

Hello to everyone,

i am new here and just set up my new R7000 with Tomato by Shibby. So now i have some questions/problems with the WLAN controling.

First of all, the WLAN LED's dosn't work. So the LED's are every time off, also when the WLAN is on. Is this normal? I know the LED's are OK. because with the original firmware everything was fine.

Secondly: I use really often the command "wl radio on" and "wl radio off" to switch the WLAN. But only the 2.4 GHz WLAN is influenced the 5 GHz WLAN keeps his state. Is there another command for the 5 GHz?

Thank you very much for your answers.

BR Bernd

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That's strange because the

That's strange because the LEDs on my R7000 work just fine. Blinking of them is controlled by the "blink" and blink_5g" binaries. Have you tried to clear the NVRAM? Maybe something got stuck in there

As for the radio on/off, I have no idea. Never used that myself