Configuration to create more users with permission to folders on DGND3300 ???

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Configuration to create more users with permission to folders on DGND3300 ???
Hello ! I´m brazilian ! Excuse my english, but... I bought a DGND3300 with intent to share folders between users on my network and save the space a adsl modem and an 8-port switch covers, I also thought that the device had the capability to put a powered USB hub and put a usb printer and an external usb hd, only when I received the goods, came the problems: 1) He has no access permission setting for folder by folder (even has configuration restriction but only for one user (admin), I click on the list and only appears that user (admin). 2) He has the ability to print server to a USB printer (I read the manual and did not find the resource). So I'm making this post to ask if anyone knows configure BusyBox V1.0 (Linux) that has telnet in it so as to create more users because I have 8 users on the network and must have the folders setup to allow access to one and a also like to know if there is any configuration to share a USB printer on the same port usb DGND3300. Thanks in advance.

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I was lucky that you have

I was lucky that you have posted the information regarding how to configure to create more users in a private folder, great idea! My problem concerning privacy of files is my long problem, but since that I'd read your post, I don't have privacy burdens now. Since I am working on benefits department I am concerned with the privacy of each file. On the other hand, it might be too late if you do not already know about the social security do-over. The Social Security payback option, or Social Security benefits double-dip, lets people get early social security to pay back later. This allows them to resume collecting bigger Social Security checks by starting over when they're older. When using the Social Security do-over, more cash is made than if you were to put that cash into an annuity from an insurance business. This is becoming something everyone wants to do. The Social Security Administration hopes to be able to end this.

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Hey I'm looking for the some

Hey I'm looking for the some solution. I know that Cisco Linksys can do this with the E3000 but there are other isues with it.

I have the WRN3500L and would really like to use it to do this without having to use the cisco router.