Configuration errors on reboot/config

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Configuration errors on reboot/config

Hello everybody,

i bought an WNR3500L about 2 Month ago.
In the need of an good configurable FTP-Server i installed the file (dd-wrt.v24-13309_NEWD-2_K2.6_std_usb_ftp.bin) from the official DDWRT site. In this Image there is a ProFTPD includet, i put the proftpd.conf on a USB HDD. For the first weeks it seemed to work perfectly, but then after every boot the Router lost its config completely and will not come up again.
Once i set up one litte thing in the config i got completely crazy things out of this router. The Languge on the Webmenu changed from german(my language) to english, but in the menu it shows "chinese". Also the WPS-LED goes on.

So every time when that happens i have to do a hard reset. 

Do you think its an software malfunction or an hardware issue?

Thank you in advance

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Sounds like you have done

Sounds like you have done configuration changes right after a router boot. At this stage the router itself writes config vars to the flash.

Try to do a 30/30/30 reset after that wait at least 5min before you login to the webinterface to reconfigure your router.

30/30/30 means: press the little reset button 30s, then switch off power for 30s while still pressing reset button, then power on and wait another 30s with pressed reset button.

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Thanks a lot. I'll try this

Thanks a lot.

I'll try this

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Also may wanna do a build

Also may wanna do a build upgrade, that one is kinda old.

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Please follow buddee's advice

Please follow buddee's advice and update to a newer build. Look in the dowload section here at myopenrouter.