Constant reboot with WAN PPPoE

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Constant reboot with WAN PPPoE

Since I had changed my internet service from cable to FTTN, so I changed my WAN from DHCP to PPPoE on my R7000. I have had constant reboot which is around once per day.

Run fine for a day/few hours and then for no reason that it just suddenly reboots.  It was never happened before with WAN DHCP settting. Even I update the firmware to 24710M, the issue still the same.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

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Same for me, version 24710M

Same for me, version 24710M and 24760M. When wan is PPPoE the unit does not respond after ca 20 seconds. (no ping to wan, no ping to internal R7000 address, no web interface)... after about 1 minute return accessible for other 20 seconds...
The same continuosly.
Already tried to factory reset, and 30+30+30 reset...