Converting TRX Images to CHK Format

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Converting TRX Images to CHK Format

I was browsing the MyOpenRouter forums and saw a thread about converting TRX files to the CHK format that the NETGEAR web based interface expects for loading new firmware. Here is a link to that particular discussion:

It looks like this is a fairly straightforward conversion process (assuming one has the tools and know-how to follow these steps). If this is the case, it would seem that the process could be used to convert Tomato 1.23 (the latest version) to work on the WGR614L, since there is a TRX file for this Tomato version available for download on the Polar Cloud website at:

FYI, both the 7z and Zip archives contain the TRX image.

I'm still trying to decide whether to purchase the WGR614L vs. the Linksys WRT-54GL and a lot will depend on the availability of recent firmware versions for the WGR614L. Most of the third party firmware versions available on MyOpenRouter are pretty old.

Any insights or comments would be appreciated.

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As far as creating a trx or

As far as creating a trx or chk image is concerned u can follow the steps mentioned in the link that u have given in ur post ....
For the latest f/w I know that WGR614L supports latest versions of DD-WRT ..
Same shud be the case 4 openwrt and tomato or Netgear must be working towards it .. and in that case also u will also get these f/ws very soon ..

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you can convert the trx image

you can convert the trx image of Tomato 1.23 to chk image. But I dont think it will run on WGR614l board. For that you have to add or modify some WGR614l hardware specific code. you can try because Tomato and Netgear both software is open source.

I think Netgear is working on the latest tomato version. It will be published soon.