crontab flushed (Voxel firmware)

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crontab flushed (Voxel firmware)


I've just moved from Kong to Voxel fw on my R7800. Everything's working fine now I'm trying to polish some final stuff

There's one line in crontabs

26 04 * * * streamboost update_fmn; streamboost auto_upload; streamboost auto_update && streamboost restart

When I add a line to crontab with "crontab -e"

* * * * * /root/

something is overwriting it and remove my script from it. Unfortunately I cannot even check what prosess does it cause lsof outputs nothing:

[email protected]R7800:~$ lsof  /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root
[email protected]R7800:~$

can someone me assist with that? How can I add crontabs correctly?