Custom firmware build for R9000

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New version of my custom

New version of my custom firmware build:

Changes (vs

1. proftpd package is upgraded from specific version with NG changes to 1.3.6 + CVE-2019-12815 security patch.
(Plus some changes in its behavior. Issue alarmed by kamoj)​
2. DNSCrypt Proxy v.2 is upgraded 2.0.25->2.0.27 (Firefox workaround).
3. OpenSSL v. 1.0.2 package is upgraded 1.0.2s->1.0.2t.
(see for details)​
4. OpenSSL v. 1.0.2 package: patch to strip cflags from resulting binary is added.
5. OpenSSL v. 1.1.1 package is upgraded 1.1.1c->1.1.1d.
(see for details)​
6. haveged package is upgraded 1.9.4->1.9.6.
7. uci package is upgraded 2019-05-17->2019-09-01.
8. unbound package (used in stubby) is upgraded 1.9.2->1.9.3.
9. libgcrypt package is upgraded 1.8.4->1.8.5.

The link is: (thanks to vladlenas for his help with hosting).