Cyberghost on R7000 with DD-WRT v3

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Cyberghost on R7000 with DD-WRT v3

Hi everyone,

I had major issues a month ago trying to get Cyberghost running on my Nighthawk router however, after playing with the config file I finally got it to connect and it stays solid for days. Cyberghost have recently updated their instructions on how to get their product running on openvpn dd-wrt, however the instructions still don't work for me and, probably, wont for others either. Therefore, in an attempt to help people avoid the pain that I went through, here is what I did:

1. Follow the instructions on their website up to the pasting of the Additional Config info from the openvpn file, but then remove the following lines:



ca ca.crt

cert client.crt

key client.key

2. Don't forget to add the following line at the top:

auth-user-pass /tmp/key.txt

So basically it should look something like this:

auth-user-pass /tmp/key.txt
remote "server name or IP here, no quotes"
proto udp
resolv-retry infinite 
redirect-gateway def1
persist-tun nobind
cipher AES-256-CBC
auth MD5
ping 5
ping-exit 60
explicit-exit-notify 2
script-security 2
remote-cert-tls server
route-delay 5
tun-mtu 1500 
fragment 1300
mssfix 1300
verb 4

3. Continue with the instructions.

The above example taken from my box is very similar to their example, however the generated openvpn file that you are told to copy/paste contains commands that prevent it from working (as per point 1 above).

Hope this helps someone.