DD-WRT 27775 & 27950M Virtual WLAN (WL) not working on 2.4Ghz Radio (WL1).

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DD-WRT 27775 & 27950M Virtual WLAN (WL) not working on 2.4Ghz Radio (WL1).

The radio functionality is so much better in both 27775 and 27950M builds on Netgear R8000 Nighthawk X6.

Unfortunately I do have an issue I would like to bring up.

I have reset to defaults using GUI and h/w button and set up manually in both builds. There is a problem getting the virtual WLAN interface to work on the 2.4Ghz Radio. I am not having this problem on the 5 GHZ radios. I can create a WLAN SSID on both physical interfaces in the GUI and then create virtual interfaces on both of them and bind them to different bridging interfaces. They work properly if they are on the same bridge interface as the physical or on a separate bridge interface with unique VLAN. It all works...

Unfortunately on the 2.4 Ghz Radio I can create the Virtual Interface in the GUI and configure it. But the virtual interface will not allow clients to connect. The SSID shows up and clients can see it but are unable to connect. Also when in the Networking GUI Tab the unique bridging assignment is created and it makes no difference which bridging interface it is assigned to. WL1.1 does not show up in the Current Bridging Table.

WL1.1 is available to assign and gets assigned but does not show up in table. WL0.1 and WL2.1 can be assigned and show up in the Current Table when assigned and work properly when bound to individual VLAN bridging interfaces.

(br0 = VLAN1 VLAN2 eth1 eth2 eth3) this is default without assignment.

(br3 = VLAN3 WL0.1 WL2.1) this is custom by assignments including WL1.1. but WL1.1 never shows up in Current Bridgin Table.

The point of this configuration is to create a VLAN for Guest Network. There is a separate Router/Firewall providing DHCP and NAT. It has the two VLAN interfaces and everything works on the 5ghz radios. The physical SSID binding gets DHCP from VLAN1 and the virtual SSID gets DHCP from VLAN3 on the 5Ghz interfaces. On the 2.4 Ghz interface the physical SSID works properly but the virtual SSID does not. If I create a second virtual interface on 2.4Ghz (WL1.2) then it shows up in the current Bridging table properly as assigned but none of the WLAN's are able to authenticate clients and I cannot connect to any 2.4 Ghz SSID's (WL1, WL1.1, WL1.2)

I hope I have described the problem adequately. It seems that everything else works and the radios are much more stable and reliable. It is important to provide a guest network on 2.4 Ghz radio for backwards compatibility.

Hopefully someone else can test and verify this problem and it can be resolved.

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After some observation and

After some observation and tinkering....  Build 27950M


This issue is resolved by erasing NVRAM after firmware upgrade and then running upgrade again using reset to defaults option.


I can now trunk VLAN's over WAN Port (WAN Port added to switch), I can VLAN Virtual WLAN's for Guest Network, All Radios are working.

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Followed the same procedure

Followed the same procedure as tal69 and got virtual WLAN up and running on 2.4Ghz network.

But I can only get one virtual wlan functioning properly on 2.4Ghz. wl1.2 and above will be visible, but is not possible to connect.

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Same problem here

Same problem here

if i make an extra vlan on 2.4 it will not work anymore and the wireless is very unstable.

Not able to create extra wireless guest lan separate from main network

this is really a very annoying bug

please can you fix this?

thanks Pieter