dd-wrt firmware

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dd-wrt firmware

Is the dd-wrt firmware SP1 on this site ok to use or does it need to be modified, if so how do i modify it?


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First off...I am new to this

First off...I am new to this forum...however, I am a longtime member at dd-wrt.

That said...here is how I would proceed.

Since we are dealing with both firmware and hardware, I would recommend you submit questions, requests, and any data regarding the hardware portion of your network, here on this forum....you will get a better response from users of like hardware.

Because the Firmware is created/modified/supported on the dd-wrt site (OEM if you will)...I would download and inquire about firmware support from that site.

There are so many variables that we are dealing with...that it is just not prudent to request support for firmware from the hardware site...I'm not saying you won't get the right answer...but you could also get many wrong ones mixed in.

Now....that said....I also would recommend you do as much reading as possible about your hardware and the firmware you wish to load BEFORE you actually load it. It is much easier to get support in the form of Q&A before you have bricked a unit due to the lack of knowledge....than after the fact.

And...Don't use SP1...it is buggy. Get one of the updated TNG builds from the Eko directory.

10700 is quite stable currently.


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Thanks redhawk0. Thanks for

Thanks redhawk0. Thanks for sharing your views..

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Sorry i have been busy with

Sorry i have been busy with school i have a wgr614l with the most current netgear firmware , and what i was wondering is what the likely hood of bricking my router when tryin to flash it with the newest dd-wrt firmware, do i need to modify the firmware first or what?