DD-WRT or Tomato?

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DD-WRT or Tomato?

Good morning.


Just picked up my Nighthawk R7000 yesterday.  One of my my plans for the router is to use it as a VPN client so all my home's network traffic goes through a VPN.


Based on the user experience and expert opinions here, which firmware would be a better option to handle this, DD-WRT or Tomato?



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I've run both, though not on

I've run both, though not on the R7000. If your not doing anything fancy you be happy with both. Pick the one that has the features you want. I'm using DD-WRT now because I wanted openvpn support. In the older versions of tomato I found the QoS support worked well and it kept my SIP phone from having any sound quality issues, even during heavy iNet use.

Here are some tomato screenshots to get an idea of the features.

I'm sure there are some DD-WRT screen shots on here but I didnâ??t see them.

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I have used dd-wrt in my

I have used dd-wrt in my R7000 and it includes the OpenVPN feature.

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good evening

good evening
excuses for my english robot
to answer your question
200% I'll take your place tomato

dd-wrt many qualities but by far my favorite tomato more malleable and adaptable.

I was able to completely crazy operations such as ensuring a "bubble" for my ardrone simply with tomato whereas with dd-wrt it crashed for example.
explanations: dd-wrt does not like competition even less with the same devices of the same series .... tomato obviously takes his foot to provide a more enhanced and more efficient architecture ...

but do not forget that without dd-wrt tomato is nothing:
I never managed to install directly tomato without dd-wrt by

Therefore user, admin - the term is correct, but no claim on my part I much prefer tomato.
Concern: small doc and some forums.

For you see now.
Try tomato is believing.