DD-WRT site-to-site VPN and mobile workstations

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DD-WRT site-to-site VPN and mobile workstations


I'm new to DD-WRT and VPN but I'd like to be more familiar with it.  I have two ASUS RT-N16 routers, one at each location.  We'll call siteA and siteB.  I've established a site-to-site connection between siteA and siteB successfully and it works great.  It's been stable for almost a month now.  I'd like to add the ability to have mobile users connect to either location from their laptops.  I've looked everywhere I can find on the Net for an example where they have a site-to-site and laptops connecting to them as well and I can't find an example.  When I try to set it up with the GUI, I mess up the site-to-site connection.  Does anyone have experience with setting this up?  I can display my config if that would be helpful.