DDNS / OpenDNS getting wrong IP

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DDNS / OpenDNS getting wrong IP


I`m having problems to access my network (FTP/http) from the internet using DDNS (dns-o-matic) and openDNS. I`m not a network specialist, so let me explain what I`m trying to do.

I`m using ddwrt kong (latest build), which I setup to use openDNS and dns-o-matic (it updates openDNS and no-ip.com). My wan address displayed on top right corner is 100.64.xxx.xxx. The address sent to dns-o-matic is 179.159.xxx.xxx. When I try to connect with ftp using my no-ip url, it resolves correctly to 179.159.xxx.xxx, but the router never replies; it doesn`t work. I also tried input the IP 100.64.xxx.xxx (which I suppose is the one assigned by my ISP), but it doesn`t work either.

All the tests above, I used my cell phone as if I were connecting from internet (in fact it was).

When I connect from within my network:

- using my internal IP it works

- using 100.64.xxx.xxx: it works

- using 179.159.xxx.xxx: it doesn`t work

Now a few questions:

- why do I need to inform openDNS my dynamic IP? what are the advantages?

- if the dynamic IP informed to opendns is the one they assigned to me, again, why do I have to inform them?

- I suppose IP 179.159.xxx.xxx was assigned by opendns. why doesn`t it work at all (either from internet nor from within my network)?

- why ip 100.64.xxx.xxx works from my network but not from internet?

- why is ddwrt sending 179.159.xxx.xxx to dnsomatic and not the 100.64.xxx.xxx? I suppose this is the one opendns/no-ip needed to be notified of, right?

- what am I doing wrong and how to solve it?