DDRT Wifi Doesn't work, can't hard reset, only gives public IP address

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Keith Shannon
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DDRT Wifi Doesn't work, can't hard reset, only gives public IP address

Hello everyone my name is Keith this is my first post... I'm a former Marine now work in the Bay Area as a Sr. Unix/Linux/Windows (barf) sysadmin, Network Engineer & ethical Hacker. I love what I do and try to always be learning something new. 

Usually I can figure things out on my own with a bit of reading books and googling but this one has me stumped.


Ever since I bought the RT-N66U in March it's worked perfectly. I get like 3 blocks worth of broadcast, I can setup QOS and guest networks (sucks they kinda dumbed down the interface... I was thinking about finally flashing to default DD-WRT but before I got the chance it dumped on me).


So now.. What happens is, I have the modem plugged into the WAN Port of the router. Then one Cat6 plugged into port 1 LAN, and another Port t2 LAN. When I plug it into the computer one computre will get an IP and only one... The other or others will all get APIPPA IP addresses.


I tried doing a 30-30-30 power reset and it didn't do anything... It didn't go into recovery mode. I wire-sharked while trying DHCP requests to see where they were going but I couldn't see.


Wireless isn't working.

I called Asus and was talking to this Asian who barely spoke English.. I don't make fun of him but your call center for America should have people who can speak English.


Anyways, he told me he was going to send me info to send it to him (pay out of my own pocket... big BS.. Thought i had a warranty gonna check again) and when he was giving me confirmation number phone cut off and he never called back. SO I have no idea what the status is.


Does anyone have any idea what's going on?? I had added a dirty (but I thought funny joke here but don't know people here well enough to make an ass of myself in your forums.


Thanks for your help if you can, and if you can't I hope you get sit on by a cow.