the default dd-wrt iptables firewall

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the default dd-wrt iptables firewall

I registered thinking I was buying Netgear but ended up with different hardware. I thought I'd try joining in anyway.

After an hour reading all the warnings in the peacock Broadcom thread I gave the install a go and now I have a 4MB-flash mini std ("Brainslayer") to explore. The settings I'm thinking about at the moment are the firewall. Over the last few years I've spent the odd day learning the syntax of iptables but that, in my experience, is trivial compared to working out what to actually write.

My first objective is to stop anyone other than me from reading files from the hard drive of my linux laptop. I have a few services running like ntpd and ssh. I have a root and my login user account.

When I try reading up on iptables there's people warning of arcane flag combinations in TCP headers used as probes that I should actively beware of but it's not my field at all.

1. How have any of you with a similar approach dealt with building your firewall?

2. Should I ignore the peacock thread and find a more recent compile than 14929?