DGN2200M Router Brick?

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DGN2200M Router Brick?

Hi Guys, My netgear DGN2200M modem/router is not acceccible anymore through "routerlogin.com" or "routerlogin.net" or even "" "it's default gateway" , when i try it opens the welcome netgear screen with the options to "Upgrade", "Exit" and "Next" and when i click "Exit" to start configuring the router it just won't so i can only browse this page only!

I can ping the default gateway from CMD with no problems at all!

I tried to flash the latest firmware using the TFTP2.exe tool and assigned a static ip address in the range of my router default gateway but no chance! it fails everytime i don't know why!

is this unit really brick or not? because it's still pingable + i can browse the welcome screen.

someone suggested me to use something called "JTag" cable to flash it but i don't know what the heck is a JTag cable ,from where i can get it or even how to use it?

I got a new router but all i want right now is to setup this Netgear unit as an AP by just assign a static IP to it and disable the DHCP server but i can't do that without accessing the UI :(

Please help! to bring it back to life as an AP.


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Yes it is a brick :P

Yes it is a brick :P