Discussions about Netgear violating GPL

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Discussions about Netgear violating GPL

Have a look at this blog and at slashdot.

With a router having 64MB RAM and 8MB flash it might be possible to ditch old 2.4 inux kernels if there was an open source Broadcom driver module.


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Netgear created router called

Netgear created router called "Open Source" and don't understand what this meens???

"One would have hoped that Netgear did thoroughly study the Open Source market that they're trying to address. Apparently they either did not do that, or they chose to ignore the values/rules by which this community works, or they had somebody with limited understanding to advise them on this. "

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In case you have not yet seen

In case you have not yet seen it, NETGEAR has responded to your concerns: