DLNA Media Server not working correctly, hangs or freezes

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DLNA Media Server not working correctly, hangs or freezes

I had used DLNA and the media server for video files without any problems.  I decided to add my music library.

When I would go to the Media Server tab and start the scan it would freeze.  The symptoms were:  scanning would start and then stop on a specific artist and file and the router would lockup/freeze.  I would also loose ISP/internet connectivity and have to reboot the router.  

Here's how I fixed the problem:

1. Deleted all folder.jpg or other album art images contained in each album folder.

2. Cleared the recycle bin on my USB drive.

3.  Most important:  change the tags on files with special characters.  If you had a symbol such as the squiggly line above the "n" in Senorita or two dots above the "y" in Queensryche, etc. the media server could not process this file.  Most of the special letters or symbols were from Spanish or Latin songs.  It was not the filename itself but the tags for the song name or tags for the artist that had to be changed.  Once the tages were changed and the special characters changed/removed, I could scan past that song or artist.

4.  I also had to modify some of the extended tags such as blanking the comments field or deleting duplicate tags.

After making these changes, the entire library would scan.