DLNA refresh / Subtitles

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DLNA refresh / Subtitles


first, i´m new to tomato and it works great on my 3500L.

just two quick questions:

1. what is the media refresh time from the dlna server (setted to jffs) ? is it possible to change it to almost instant, if i copy some new files to my "shared" dlna drive, that they instant "pop" up in my client ? (PlayStation 3 for example)

2. is it possible to stream "subtitles" like, .sub/.srt. at the moment or in future ?




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I have it setup with RAM

I have it setup with RAM instead of jffs but it also takes some time to show up on my PS3. btw. is it better to use jffs? Probably if you turn the 3500L off and on then you have to do a scan again (with RAM).

As for the subtitles, I don't think the 3500L is capable of muxing/transcoding the video with the subs. The cpu is not powerful enough for that. It would be great though, and maybe the firmware makers do find a way to implement it. They have suprised me many times with great options.