DNSMASQ - 2 VLANs w/ 2 DNS server sets

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DNSMASQ - 2 VLANs w/ 2 DNS server sets

Hope someone will be able to help me - really looking forward. It must be simple something that I am not doing.

My setup:
ATT Uverse internet (IP Passthrough)
Netgear WNR3500L v2 w/ Shibby's 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-117 K26 USB AIO
2 Interfaces:

Router IP Addresses
br0 (LAN) -
br1 (LAN1) -
br0 (LAN) - -
br1 (LAN1) - -

br0 : for private use (eth1/wl0)
br1 : for Guests/Visitors (wl0.1)

Want OpenDNS on br1, while google DNS on br0, so did the following in Advanced>DHCP/DNS>DNSMASQ

dhcp-option=tag:br1,6,, #sets opendns for Guests

Also br1>>wl0.1>>Captive portal (FYI)

When I do nslookup in cmd, i get the appropriate dns name resolver corresponding to the br0 & br1, but when I try to browse the blocked website in browser (br1) i do not see blocked message (i.e. not blocked).

Currently I have BASIC>Static DNS set to all's, the only way I am able to achieve webcontent filtering is by setting openDNS servers in static DNS section of Basic. This is not desired, want to block only for br1 (Guest hotspot).

Please help. Thanks in advance. Should you need any more info to help me please do let me know, look forward to your reply