Dynamic DNS update issue

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Dynamic DNS update issue
I have problem with Dynamic DNS update and was not able to find anything related on this forum...
My configuration looks following: 
- Netgear LB2120 LTE modem with WAN port
- Netgear R7800 (Voxel latest firmware 1.02.59SF)
ISP gateway is connected to LB2120 and from modem to R7800 router. In case of ISP failure it is switching to LTE/4G/3G.
I'm using Dynamic DNS from noip.com and LB2120 is configured in brifge mode so IP address from ISP or LTE is assigned to router.
In previous routers with DDNS it was the case that DDNS was automatically updated when WAN connection was brought up.
LB2120 is set in bridge mode so in case failover to LTE it is restarting modem so router is loosing WAN connection for around 1 minute.
After WAN connection up (with LTE connection and different IP address than my ISP) DDNS is not updating...
When going to Advanced -> Advanced Setup -> Dynamic DNS  and selecting "Show Status" it is stating:
No update action. There is no IP address on the Internet port.
I'm not sure if this is general issue with DDNS details refresh (not updated when WAN restarts) or issue with new firmware.
Unfortunetelly I have not tested OpenVPN connection during failover to LTE on previous R7800 firmware...