Ex6200 publicly accessible FTP

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Ex6200 publicly accessible FTP

Hello. I am trying to use my EX6200 as a FTP server i can access when im online at work or university.

So far i have a 750Gb USB3.0 hard drive plugged in and set up using ext3 formatting and i can access it using my PC using windows file sharing.

I want to be able to connect to this while im out and about as i cant hold everything on a single USB stick and any external drives will probably get damaged/lost/stolen if i take them with me.

One problem may be my ISP router sucks (i can disable the features on it due to bad firmware and i cant replace it due to them locking the mac addresses and not being able to register new ones)

so my ISP router is on and my EX6200 is on (Note. my WAN ip on the EX6200 is

Due to not giving out my public IP on the internet lets just assume my public IP is for the rest of this post.

I want to FTP into the Hard drive by basically going to in filezilla or something and being able to access all my files.

Is this possible with K3 dd-wrt firmware or will i have to set a lot of stuff up.

Thanks for any help given.