EX6200 Xfinity setup

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EX6200 Xfinity setup

I have an Asus RT-N66R working with DD-WRT as a repeater with zero problems. I have a Xfinity account which I use on my GF house whenever I'm there to stream movies and watch live TV. I recently bought an EX6200 to try out and see if I get fasters speed with it due to its 700mw power. I flashed it with the latest kong mini build with the exact working settings as my Asus but it is not working at all. I clone a registered mac on the wan just like the Asus but no dice.

I try to join the xfinitywifi hotspot from the site survey and after that nothing happens. It should be getting a wan ip with the clone mac but it doesn't. It shows nothing on the wireless nodes. I tried flashing older builds back to April of last year but nothing seems to work?

Any ideas????