External Storage: USB or ethernet?

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External Storage: USB or ethernet?


I'm heading to Fry's this afternoon to pick up my WNR3500L. It's going to replace my Airport 500GBwhich I haven't been satisfied with (hdd access/transfer time). My question is this: Should I use USB on the WNR3500L or would it be better to use a NAS for attaching a hard disk? If NAS, any particular brand/type? My priority of importance is-

1. HD video streaming

2. Access from outside the home network

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Redmer
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The ReadyShare feature of the

The ReadyShare feature of the WNR3500L is great for sharing files over the Internet, but I'm not sure how HD media streaming would work, since I haven't tested that. Has anyone on the community tested this, and if so, with what streaming device?

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Go for the NAS. Even the

Go for the NAS. Even the cheapest one will give better performance than connecting a USB-drive to the 3500l.
I got 5MB/s read and 1.5MB/s write using a 1TB NTFS-formated drive. It also had trouble with files larger than 4GB.

I thought I could get away with the cheaper solution 3500l + usb-drive, but ended up buying an external NAS anyways :\


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I would suggest NAS ... bcoz

I would suggest NAS ... bcoz it will surely fair better than USB drive ..
For the performance & set up related detail u can have a look at the following link :

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Hi guys I also have the same

Hi guys I also have the same doubt and as long the last post here was 1 year ago I was wondering if anything changed.

My question would be: how the transfer rates of a nas connected to the ethernet port compares to a usb drive connected to the router?