Favorite feature of DD-WRT and other third party firmwares?

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Peter Redmer
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Favorite feature of DD-WRT and other third party firmwares?

There's a huge list of DD-WRT's features available on their Wiki.


I'm curious as to which of these features are the "crowd favorites."  What stands out to you as the top reasons for switching to DD-WRT?

Alternatively, is there another firmware you prefer because of a feature DD-WRT doesn't have?

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Besides providing several

Besides providing several features ... DD-WRT is quite updated and its GUI is very easy to use ... I mean other f/ws like OpenWRT dnt have their GUI as developed as that of DD-WRT ....
My favorite DD-WRT features are OpenVPN and wirless repeater .....
These features are supported in other f/ws also but as I said .. the ease with which several DD-WRT features can be configured and used .. makes DD-WRT a front runner :) ....

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Tomato beta 16 vpn:

Tomato beta 16 vpn: everything works. Favorite feature is remote wol

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The reason I got my WNR3500L

The reason I got my WNR3500L router and soon switched from OEM to DD-WRT firmware was because I wanted my router to be my OpenVPN server and NAS combined. This means, as a minimum, I only needed to leave my router turned on when out of the office. I spend 4 to 6 months a year out of the office.

A PC running 24/7 costs me about USD700pa in power. The router with OpenVPN/NAS only costs me about USD20pa.

I chose the Kong mod for this as Kong is on this forum and I can mostly understand his explanations when trying to help with problems.

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The feature that I use the

The feature that I use the most is the pptp server.  I use that over OpenVPN for the iOS support.  I would prefer to use OpenVPN because of the security weaknesses in pptp, but the only OpenVPN client, GuizmOVPN, requires a jailbroken device.  Another useful feature is the ability to port forward with the destination port number being different than the source port number.