Firmware upgrade question

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Firmware upgrade question

hey everyone,

i was wondering if i can just upgrade to the newest dd-wrt firmware on after i use the firmware located in the projects section here on the site?  And i was wondering if anyone had some neat or usefule scripts that they run on dd-wrt or where i can go to find some i already have one to use the hosts file to block ads.


ps i have a v8 router

betty alston
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i need to add new firmware i

i need to add new firmware i have a vy router

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Well I have been tying to get

Well I have been tying to get 11218 to work on my WRG614Lv8 and it will not work. I have also a serial cable installed and watching what is going on after the reboot and it has an incorrect checksum so it will not load. I then have to reload the original Netgear Firmware, and then load 10509N to get it to work. I am using mine as a bridged repeater following the instructions on the Wiki. So far all is working well. My Primary is a WRN834Bv2 that is running 11218, but I am having problems using the connector software for Windows Home Server. I am going to have to down grade back to 10509 on my WRN834Bv2 to get it to work correctly.

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Well here is what I have done

Well here is what I have done. I was having problems with my cable router dropping the phone and internet. So I spent half the day rewireing the house. I moved my modem and WRN834Bv2 router into my "electronics closet". I had to run a new A/C outlet, cable from the splitter outside of the house and a phone jack all into this closet. I also moved my server in there, since it doesn't need a keyboard, mouse, or monitor and it is running Windows Home Server I can RDC into as needed.

So with the WRN834Bv2 as the primary router I have DD-WRT 11028M running on it, set as an AP, with "N" only. It also does all the DCHP, DDNS, etc. for my network. I then have a Linksys WRT54Gv8 running DD-WRT 10012 set up as a client AP for B and G attached to my primary router. This one is used for a base to bridge to, and most my B and G clients can access it, my network, and the internet.

Then on the other end of the house I have my WGR614Lv8 set up as a wireless bridge/repeater to the WRT54G. It is running DD-WRT 10509M.

With this setup, I am having only one problem, any of my client computers that attach to either the WRT54G, or the WGR614L I am not able to use the Connector that comes with Windows Home Server to access functions on it. But I am able to Remote Desktop Connect to it. All the other functions of the Connector, such as nightly backups, file access, etc. work correctly. So it looks to me somewhere one of the ports that WHSC uses gets dropped. It uses UPnP to get to some stuff, and all is forwarded to my sever in the UPnP setting on the primary router.

This is no big deal, at least now I have B, G, and N wi-fi, and don't have to run cables everywhere in the house to get all my client systems network/internet access.

Since all of this is working correctly, to some sort, I am not going to change it.