flashed "Tomato -> r7000 stock" on an R6300v2 =|

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flashed "Tomato -> r7000 stock" on an R6300v2 =|
Hey guys, hope someone here can help me out.
I did something extremely silly, and am hoping someone can help me out! I recently picked up a couple routers on clearance @ Walmart, a R7000 and R6300v2. Delving into the fun world of 3rd party firmware flashing, I wanted to try out Tomato. 
So I got the correct files for each, as well as the correct files to go back to stock firmware for each as well. I wanted to get the R6300v2 back to stock, and here's where I did something stupid; I used the R7000-back-to-ofw.trx on it by mistake! My fault for being sloppy and keeping everything in one folder, and not giving it a double take before hitting flash.
So it turns on and boots just fine, I can access the Genie page, it's listed as a R7000... but can't access wireless, and worst of all, I can't flash any firmware - I get "incorrect firmware" for everything I've tried. 
Is there an easy way out of this?!