Flashing R7000P with DD-WRT

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Flashing R7000P with DD-WRT

I've found the chk file to use.  Where can I find the bin file, though?  I've searched and can't find anything about it.  I recently tried flashing with the bin for the R7000 and bricked my router...

Peter Redmer
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First, do you have the R7000

First, do you have the R7000 or R7000P? If you have the R7000 and flashed the firmware for the R7000P. that could be the reason it's bricked now -- you'll have to restore it.

As for .CHK vs. .BIN files - .CHK files are what is typically used to flash from NETGEAR stock firmware. .BIN files are used when upgrading from one version of DD-WRT to another. So in this case, since it's the first version of the R7000P firmware, only the .CHK file is available at the moment.

If you are looking to flash DD-WRT to your R7000P, I'd restore to stock FW, then flash the .CHK available here on the site.


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I've got the R7000P and it

I've got the R7000P and it bricked.  Amazon sent me a new router, though...cause I'm not good at this stuff.  :-)

I appreciate your input.  I will flash the .chk file and see what happens.  Thank you!

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Hi, Grotto - Did you install

Hi, Grotto - Did you install DD-WRT (rev 30776) on your *new* R7000P? If so, how did it go this time? (I know it's only been a week, but...) How do you like it so far? What are the top 3 improvements over the standard firmware? Thanks! - Glen

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i just picked up the r7000p

i just picked up the r7000p and wanted to flash it to dd-wrt. all im really concerned with is having an openvpn that doesnt make my connection speed drop from around 40Mbps to 8. any suggestions?

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I got it installed...and it

I got it installed...and it is working very well.  I'm using IPVanish.  Once in a while the speed dips but I'm not sure if it is the VPN or the provider.  Most of the time I get close to the 60Mbps I'm paying for.  So it's all good.