Hard-reset questions

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Hard-reset questions

I flashed my Netgear WNR3500L from the stock firmware to Tomato via DD-WRT. I didn't do a hard-rest after DD-WRT was flashed (the tutorial suggested doing a hard-reset). Instead, I flashed Tomato directly upon the freshly DD-WRT, and I didn't do anything on DD-WRT except flash Tomato. Will there be any problem?
Another question: does the "erase NVRAM" option of Tomato has the same effect as a 30-30-30 reset?

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In 30-30-30 reset mainly

In 30-30-30 reset mainly default nvram parameters are reloaded by bootloader. Now as DD-WRT and Tomato both uses those nvram parameter in their own way so there is a possiblity of malfunctioning. Its better to go as per the tutorial.