Heading on to opensource routers

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Heading on to opensource routers

Hi, i just got aware about the opensource routers out there. After some reading ive come to the choice between some routers

Netgear WGR614L

Linksys WRT54GL (Like you neeeeever seen this in a list before Wink)

Asus 500 "something"

I mainly is going to use this router for my childrens sake when their hosting a CS server. I dont like having port open when no one is using them. I know you can trigger the port, but what do i/they learn from that?. In my opinion its better to teach them how to use a linux console.

Can the WGR614L firmware be customized for a more restricted user account? 

Is it compatible with XBox360 Live?

How come this router only has one antenna when the most other brands have two? How is the connection quality affected by this?

Can a http and/or php server be integrated?