Help, forgot password for TomatoUSB (Shibby) and backdoor not working.

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Help, forgot password for TomatoUSB (Shibby) and backdoor not working.

Hey all,


  I've found myself somewhat in this predicament. I forgot my password on a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router
after installing Shibby's tomatousb on it. I attempted to reset but apparently that's an endeavor in vain. I then read Shibby's instructions
to use the backdoor.


Do this:
1) run router and wait 2-3
2) push and hold wifi on/off button for 25 secs - this will enable a "backdoor" access to the router.
3) use putty and connect via telnet on port 233 and log in to router without password
4) run command: nvram get http_password (login`s value: nvram get http_username)
5) use result as password
6) when you log in to tomato remember to erase nvram
7) do other steps from INSTRUCTIONS file.


However, I ran into an issue. I get the router up and booted (step 1) and then
hold the wifi button as required (step 2). During this time the button
flashes while I hold it and goes off when I finish. I then attempt to
login on port 233. Everything hangs. I tried logging in without a user,
logging in as root and admin. I just wait indefinitely. Is there
something I'm doing wrong?

Help Shibby, your my only hope! (/joke)