HELP - R7000 Tomato flash

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HELP - R7000 Tomato flash
I wanted to flash my nice shiny Netgear R7000 with Shibby.  Sooooooo
I had done the initial firmware and just finished AIO and I was about to make the selection to clear nvram and I was kicked out. I can no longer access Browser, ping or otherwise.
I rebooted my PC, tried it on a PC with ip but no luck.
Where did it go?
any help is very much appreciated.
thanks, Bj
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What version of firmware did

What version of firmware did you use?

I just flashed my Netgear R7000 with ARM 137 as some forums users were having issues with the latest ARM 138 version. After flashing the Initial.chk file and moving to the AIO I remeber a check box to erase all nvram after the flash.  I selected that box and also manually applied the erase after logging onto the user interface. The flash went off without a hitch. Of which I am very relieved as on a TECH scale from 1-10 I'am about a 1.3. I did follow Shibby's video instructions to the T, I hope someone more with more background in this area can help you out.