Help - WNR3500 - DD-WRT Access Point

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Help - WNR3500 - DD-WRT Access Point

I am hoping someone can help. 

I have a cable modem/router which I have to use stock firmware  (Netgear C3700 if anyone knows a open source please let me know)   and a WNR3500 Router that is wired and set up as an access point with DD-WRT firmware.  I have a few problems/annotances I am hoping someone can help


1.  Internet seems to drop now and them

2.  When connecting with sometimes the laptops show they are connected to the same SSI twice.

3.  When I connect via Wired to the DD-WRT router I have no internet but I do have network access

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I got a problem like this yesterday.
I needed to turn of my PC firewall or and change your network profiles to home.(Windows 7)
I noticed that when the profiles were set to work of public I could not ping any other pcs on the network.
Another fix is set the DNS and Gateway to the IP of the modem on your access point.
Disable firewall on the access point.
I am assuming you have disabled WAN Connection Type and DHCP on your access point, set a static IP that is in the range but bot in the DHCP range of your modem.

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Thx Accid

Thx Accid
I have set the DNS and Gateway IP to my Modem and disable WAN and DHCP.
However the IP I set is in the Range of DHCP of my modem but on my modem I reserved that IP. Should I move it out?

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Just make sure the IP of the AP is not in the DHCP range of the modem.
If the Modem DHCP range is for example then under "Network Setup/router IP/Local IP Address" set the AP IP to
You do not want a device with a static IP on your network and the DHCP server does not have that IP reserved, it might assign the same IP to another device, and cause an IP conflict.

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Thank You

Thank You

I tried this but still have problems.. the most irritating is the occasional no internet access. I have 2 separate SSIDs set up (teenage daughter spends time on internet late which is why I added DD-WRT to access point) If I turn off AP then problem goes away. 1 thing I noticed if access point is connected when I have the problem if I check ipconfig the IP is correct for laptop but the DNS and DHCP servers are different than another laptop which is getting internet and the DNS and DHCP are not what I think they should be.
Should I set gateway to my primary router? and should the LOCAL DNS be set to primary router or something else?

Again thank you for your help!

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Can you post a pic of your AP

Can you post a pic of your AP basic page, I can tell you how to fix the problem using it.

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It wont let me paste a pic...

It wont let me paste a pic...

RadioRadio is On
SSID mrpbjnance2
TX Power71 mW
Rate117 Mbps

Wireless Packet Info
Received (RX)633833 OK, no error
Transmitted (TX)954130 OK, 131 errors

DHCP ServerDisabled
CIFS AutomountDisabled
Sputnik AgentDisabled
USB SupportDisabled

Total Available57.6 MB / 64.0 MB
Free44.9 MB / 57.6 MB
Used12.6 MB / 57.6 MB
Buffers1.5 MB / 12.6 MB
Cached4.0 MB / 12.6 MB
Active0.9 MB / 12.6 MB
Inactive0.7 MB / 12.6 MB

Space Usage
NVRAM21.80 KB / 32 KB
CIFS(Not mounted)
JFFS2(Not mounted)

From Set up Basic Page

WAN Connection Type
Connection Type

Optional Settings
Router Name
Domain Name
STPEnable Disable

Network Setup

Router IP
Local IP Address...
Subnet Mask...
Local DNS...

WAN Port
Assign WAN Port to Switch

Network Address Server Settings (DHCP)
DHCP ServerEnable Disable
Start IP Address192.168.0.
Maximum DHCP Users
Client Lease Time min
Static DNS 1...
Static DNS 2...
Static DNS 3...
Use DNSMasq for DHCP
Use DNSMasq for DNS

Thank You for the help

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Here is a pic of what your

Here is a pic of what your basic page should look like
The Local DNS can be blank, test it to be sure.
Here is a screen capture of what my Netgear 1450 flashed with the latest Kong build dated 02.02.2015. I use this as a test router.
Your router cane and I addresses will be different.


My Netgear 1450

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Everything looks correct...

Everything looks correct...
Let me ask this.. I want to have 2 separate SSIDs.. but I want to have everything connected to the same network is that possible other than an AP?

Is so how?

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Is the initial problem fixed?

I am olny a novice, I have only gotten a few of the DDWRT options to work.

I have done this by doing lots of research with very little help from the DDWRT community. The problem you reported is a easy one.

The websites bellow will help you on your quest.

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Thx..but I am starting over..

Thx..but I am starting over.. I changed it back to a separate access point.

I will look at your links..

What I want to have is 2 separate SSIDs because DDWRT gives me the ability to block out my teenage daughter after hours.. and I am not able to install it on my Netgear C3700 router. BUT I want to have everything on the same network so I can stream movies from another computer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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The answer is simple for your

The answer is simple for your situation
Your modem gives you the option of the first wireless network(Wlan1)
Use this as your wireless network with a your password etc.

If you use the settings on the pic I posted on the Basic Setup.
Then setup AP as your second wireless lan(Wlan2).
Then go to wireless options on the WNR3500 configure your ssid and password. The go to Advanced Wireless Settings and configure Radio Time Restrictions (Which will disable the wireless radio in the AP, her devices will not see the second wireless network during the time restrictions((Simple))) or go to Access Restrictions and configure it using her MAC of her devices and configure time restrictions. This option will limit the MAC addresses not the radio. She will be able to see the network but will not be able to connect during the restricted times. ( this option can be bypassed if she decides to use an unknown device.

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I have the access

I have the access restrictions working great but my problem is when trying to connect to either of the routers occasionaly I get a no internet access problem. If I disconnect the second router or return it to a non-WAP set up that solves the problem so I have to have something wrong in my WAP set up.

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OK here is the end goal..

OK here is the end goal.. Can I set up my DD-WRT (Netgear 3500L) as a router both wired and Wirless... so its in the same network as my cable modem / router but with a differet SSID? If so how.. it seems to me that the access point would be wireless only

sorry if its a NOOB questions!

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yes Exactly

yes Exactly