How to debrick a Linksys (Cisco) E2000

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How to debrick a Linksys (Cisco) E2000

I tried almost everything i know to make my router's working again but there's nothing but it failed everytime. Do you have a solution on how to debrick this router brand. Thanks in advance. 

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sometimes doing the hard

sometimes doing the hard resets a few times may do the trick or you can look at ddwrt for solutions. If its truly bricked contact 'barryware' in the forums and he will take awesome care of you OR if you know someone who can JTAG.

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i'm having the exact same

i'm having the exact same issue. I simply moved and cisco wants to rate me $$$ to restore it. i can see my router in my airport networks, i can get to the router settings page. however it wont connect to the internet. massive waste of money if you ask me. i will never ever purchase some other this sort of piece of craps.  Cisco 300-135 Exam