How do I install Kong build from stock firmware

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How do I install Kong build from stock firmware

I dont mean to come of as an a-hole but this is the most poorly explained thing I've ever come across. I've spent two hours trying to understand how to install Kong firmware.


Do I need an initital .chk dd-wrt file before I install the latest .chk dd-wrt ?

   If so, where do I find it?


Do I install the .chk file found in a zip file at the bottom of his up updates or do I find them...

   HERE         OR IS IT HERE     "Regular dd-wrt builds can be found here: "

If is the second link he provided then why is it in a directory called betas?


In Kong's earlier updates he mentioned clearing browser history, resting the router, etc before switching to dd-wrt. In the more recent 10 or updates he doesnt mention this. Do I not have to do this anymore?


Lastly, why are his firmwares not on the DD-WRT main website?


I really apprecieate all the hard work Kong does and his willingness to share it. And I realize he doesnt owe me anything but holy hell I'm more confused now than when I started! Sorry for venting on everyone here.

Please help



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I just intalled it today....

I just intalled it today.... I did the RESET of the R7000 first and then used the browser to install the .CHK file.

All DID not go well at first. I was presented with a screen that basically said my UID and P/W was not safe and asked me to change them. Only problem it didn't work. I later determined that it was a Firefox problem after I tried with IE and it worked. After I changed the UID and P/W with IE I could then use FireFox again for the setup.

Because I couldn't change the UID and PW I did do the RESET (30-30-30) and the reset button again.

I found this web page very helpful as well --> and got the .CHK file using the links there.

I did have some problems and the FORUM on DD-WRT helped me out. AC devices all didn't connect, the NG A6200 specifically. Had to take the 5G SSID off of AUTO and select the 157 channel and that fixed it.

More problems getting USB DLNA working too.

So far, so good, but I'm not so sure it is much better than NG F/W right now. Has more features but....

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The Kong download directory

The Kong download directory has two types of files:  a set ending in .chk, and another ending in .bin

To flash DD-WRT from factory firmware, do a factory-reset, then first flash the .chk file.  Reboot into that, do a factory reset, then flash the correct .bin file for your router.


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I thought from the DD-WRT

I thought from the DD-WRT interface you can flash with either .BIN or .CHK? From the NetGear f/w only can use the .CHK?

At least that is what I read here -->

Also has a link to the 9/27 version only .CHK in a ZIP file.



- *.bin files can only be flashed from dd-wrt webif.
- *.chk can be flashed from Netgear factory fw and from dd-wrt webif


Since the .CHK file is 9/27/16 and the router shows " DD-WRT v3.0-r30600M (09/09/16) " when I flashed it from the NG F/W using the above .CHK file in the .ZIP file I thought I was 'done' and didn't need any other file? I also read that if I want to go up to a new one I can use the .CHK file if I want?

Did I not understand it?

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For the sake of eliminating

For the sake of eliminating confusion, would you mind linking the most recent chk and bin file needed? Another think that compounded my confusion further was that I found two chk files. both had the same name and created on the same day. One I found on myopenrouter and the other directly in one of kongs directories. After downloading both I noticed they were not identical files. Which makes things so much more confusing.

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"For the sake of eliminating

"For the sake of eliminating confusion, would you mind linking the most recent chk and bin file needed?"

They all seem to go up like that. There is a newer one but I can't tell if it is a BETA release or not?

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Download and flash this .chk

Download and flash this .chk file from the factory firmware:

Reboot (into DD-WRT now), and flash this .bin file:

Clear settings, configure it, and enjoy.


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I have been as confused as you - and havent dared to take the plunge yet. If/when you install could you be so kind to write a detailed list of how you did it and include download links. I am sure many others will appreciate this! Perhaps even a guide how to go back to stock.

Thanks in advance

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Download and flash this .chk


Download and flash this .chk

Download and flash this .chk file from the factory firmware:

Reboot (into DD-WRT now), and flash this .bin file:

Clear settings, configure it, and enjoy.


I am totally confused over this? Why are TWO flashes required?

Why can't the one referenced here,

be used?

It worked for me and I think it is the last 'official' release?


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I used the flash here,

I used the flash here,

and had no problems. Going back is easy, just use the Netgear .CHK file and use the GUI to flash it... yeah, some resets of the router is required too, but it worked fine for me once you figure out all the required settings.

Only thing for me though I really can't tell if it is better than the V1.0.7 NG flash I had which I really wasn't having a problem with.

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Have a question: So, there's

Have a question: So, there's no need to flash twice? Will it work by just using the latest .CHK ,for example:

just upload it directly and reboot?


Have you found any issues or stability problems in the below version?

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So just to clarify for new

So just to clarify for new comers like myself and in regards to the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 (R7000); let me know if this is right?

All steps assume you are on Netgear's Stock Firmware (V1.0.7.2_1.1.93 as of 12/1/16)

  1. Find the latest release for DD-WRT (Kong Version) from -->
  2. You click and download the "dd-wrt.K3_R7000.chk" file. (The latest as of this post is dated and timed for 2016-11-15 00:11 and sized at 22M)
  3. Unzip the file to extract its contents. File should be named "dd-wrt.K3_R7000.chk"
  4. Disconnect your computer from WiFi and connect wired straight to a numbered port to back of your router.
  5. Once connection is established to router via wired connection, go to and login to your router.
  6. Navigate to: Advanced --> Administration --> Backup Settings.
  7. Click "Erase" Button at the sections that states "Revert to factory default settings"
  8. Log back in to Stock Netgear Router once rebooted.
  9. Navigate to: Advance --> Administration --> Router Update.
  10. Click the "Browse" button and located the extracted image you downloaded from Steps 1 - 2.
  11. Click "Upload" button and wait for a full upgrade.
  12. Once booted up and you are able to see the DD-WRT login screen to change your username and password go to your router.
  13. Press and hold the "Reset" Button for 30 sec. at the back of the router to reset it again.
  14. Once rebooted back to screen, you can enjoy DD-WRT.

Is this a correct and safe detailed way of transitioning from Netgear's stock firmware to Kong's DD-WRT?



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Well, over a month ago I

Well, over a month ago I performed your stteps, 1-12, and stopped there.  I've been enjoying DD-WRT's Kong Mod ever since. It's as stable as a rock, fast as a rocket, and hugely configurable.