How do i setup r7000 to switch between vpn and local isp?

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How do i setup r7000 to switch between vpn and local isp?

I currently have my router flashed with DD-WRT v3.0-r30800M kongac (10/27/16) for several months. However, I need to now be able to switch between having a vpn connection and my local isp. I haven't been able to find anything on this; don't know if I'm not using the right keywords when searching. How do I set this up? I can flashback my router to the original firmware and I have done this in the past without issues. 

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For what it's worth I have

For what it's worth I have the same question.  I just received the router today, flashed it to the latest KONG mod.  Then I set it up to use the NordVPN.  Yes I am safely secured but wow speedtest show crazy 15 to 20 mbit speeds.  Without the OPENVPN connection i get 100 mbit.  I understand VPN comes at a cost but this might be too much for me.  would like to be able to just put my streaming boxes on the vpn.  perhaps i need to use a two router setup. 




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In openvpn "client config" go

In openvpn "client config" go to routing policy. There you can choose redirect through vpn, choose enable then choose from source ip and in put the comp you want going through the  vpn. Here you should be able to also just stop and start the vpn. Now this is for shibby but maybe the same as your build. I am a total noob and this is how mine is set up so I could be off base , but hope it helps.