How to Flash the R7500v2 for N00bs

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How to Flash the R7500v2 for N00bs

I have a Nighthawk X4 R7500v2.

I want to configure the NordVPN service with it.

I downloaded Kong's newest build:


So how do I install it?

I obviously do not know where to even start.  

Are there installation instructions somewhere?


thank you in advance !


Peter Redmer
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Hi and welcome!

Hi and welcome!

Did you see the description here?

If you are flashing from stock and this is your first time, there is a link in the download to grab the latest IMG file from Kong's site for the R7500v2. You will need to flash that file FIRST, then update to the BIN file which contains the complete, latest build.

For future updates (from DD-WRT to DD-WRT) you can simply update with the BIN file :)

The R7500v2 is a bit different; most Kong builds don't need this and simply use a .CHK file to upgrade from stock.