How to Generate .CHK from .BIN (TRX)

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How to Generate .CHK from .BIN (TRX)


I have the Netgear WNR3500L router running stock Netgear firmware.
Upgrading it to DD-WRT is 2-stage process:
1. The special .CHK firmware is flashed initially
2. And then followed by .BIN file.

However, my objective is to cut down the 2stage process to a single step.
Meaning I have built my own DDWRT .BIN with Firmware Mod kit and would like to convert it to .CHK image that Stock Netgear bootloader accepts.
This way I will be able to flash directly from Netgear factory firmware to the one I made.
Please help me with the instructions to convert DDWRT .BIN file to .CHK file for Netgear.

Thanks in Advance,