How to Install External Antennas on NETGEAR WNR3500L

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My mistake! i was talking

My mistake! i was talking about WNR3500L and thinking Linksys E2000. :)

So WNR3500L is not Dual band too.

...E2000 is Dual BAnd but not Dual Radio
...E3000 is Dual Radio

and as we are in netgear specific forum, WNDR 3300 is Dual Band Dual Radio.

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How do we know, which side of

How do we know, which side of the Murata connector is connected when the male part is attached? Just a thought. So that we are not simply, connecting external antenna to internal antenna, with the receiver itself switched out of circuit?

In other words did the router manufacturer intend the Murata test points, to be used for measuring the internal antenna performance rather than, feeding test signal into the receiver?

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Has anyone measured the

Has anyone measured the difference in speed and/or range with external antennas added?