How to setup vlaning properly on netgear routers

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How to setup vlaning properly on netgear routers

I want to clarify what I need to actually be able to setup a DMZ. In the wiki there's an article which mensions a router having a wan port however the DGN2000 doesn't have one. So I would need something like a WNR3500L right?

If it's possible with WNR3500L how might I configure this beast? I want a three subnets on my network. I have a webserver which I would like to be within the DMZ.

wireless =

internal lan (wired)


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Configuring DMZ is possible

Configuring DMZ is possible in WNR3500L, there is an option in webUI too(with stock firmware). But I am not quite sure about how to do such three subnets on the network. If you have the idea how to do that then you can proceed with WNR3500L.