I need help with compiling the CG3000D firmware.

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I need help with compiling the CG3000D firmware.

Hey, I think I compiled the firmware properly, but I'm not sure.  I have a vmlinux.bin and rootfs.img, but I just followed the one tutorial, but never could get the eCos files to compile.  So, I'm not sure just what all got added to the firmware.  I followed the tutorial on for V5.5.4 on this link:


Can you verify that all I need to do is compile the code as stated in the "How to build Linux platform_V2.doc" document and that I don't need to mess with the "How to build eCos library.doc" or the ProdD30_ files, please?  I'm hoping that if I just do the builkding Linux bit, then it includes the other stuff.