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Nick Summy
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Incorrect Image File

So I currently have DD-WRT v24-sp2 (07/28/08) mini - build 12357Minstalled on my WGR614v8 router.  All is working fine but I am trying to upgrade to the new standard 13064 build.  I download the BIN file from the dd-wrt site and when I try to do an upgrade using the GUI i get an error saying incorrect image file.  I get the same results in firefox and internet explorer.

 I know a chk file is needed for the initial installation for dd-wrt but was under the impression that a bin file will work once dd-wrt is installed.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  Thanks!

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Maybe you've downloaded the

Maybe you've downloaded the wrong file or your download is damaged. Try again and compare the md5sums.

Nick Summy
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I have tried this with 2

I have tried this with 2 different files with the same result. I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the file as I get this error immediately, before the file even uploads. I have tried this in both firefox and IE. Any more ideas?

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Where did you get the DD-WRT

Where did you get the DD-WRT build 12357M? If you got it from here (at this site's download section), that version was hacked to accept *.chk files. Perhaps it only accepts *.chk files.

If this is the situation, then upgrade using a *.chk file from the dd-wrt site, and upgrade again using a *.bin file, for the standard build, from the dd-wrt site.

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(oops, submitted this twice

(oops, submitted this twice by mistake)

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I had the same problem; build

I had the same problem; build 12357M, 'incorrect image file' on all .bin files.

retro98 was dead right - this build has been tweaked to only accept .chk files. The tweak also introduces a bug that breaks uploading via firefox; so use IE to upload a new .chk file.

I typed 'wgr614' into, clicked on v8, and then downloaded 'dd-wrt.v24_mini-wgr614v8-L.chk' (v13064). I then upgraded the 12357M to this new .chk (via IE)

*Then*, I could use this v13064 to upgrade to an arbitrary .bin (in my case, 13577M with the OpenVPN stuff.) I am writing this note via my upgraded router, so I guess all this messing about worked :)

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Yes DD-WRT build 12357

Yes DD-WRT build 12357 contains a patch for accepting chk files only ... It was mentioned the short note accompanying the build ... As far as 12357 build is concerned it will accept only chk files ...
I did it to enable switching between default netgear f/w and DD-WRT f/w ....