Instaling Firmware on Netgear VEVG2500

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Instaling Firmware on Netgear VEVG2500


I'd like to install an other firmware on Netgear VEVG2500. This is a quite rare product but an official firmware is available. The file is called and can be found on internet.

The matter is the firmware I have doesnt have an "update firmware menu". 

The readme of the file mentionned above says:

This package is only supported on Fedora Core and Red Hat variants.
How to install and build the open source package
You should have the following files:
As root cd to /opt and install VEVG2500-1DYGES_Toolchain.tar.bz2 as follows:
tar –xvjf VEVG2500-1DYGES_toolchain.tar.bz2
From your working directory install the source as follows:
tar –xvjf VEVG2500-1DYGES.tar.bz2
To make the source package execute the following commands:
cd SW
The resulting upgrade file “App.upg” can be found at SW/targets.IFX/VEVG2500-1DYGES
This upgrade file can be applied from the modem’s GUI upgrade page if option is available.
I'm just a newbie and I don't know how do I execute these instructions.
Is it a command line? I tried to "telnet" the router but i'm not sure if it supports it, I had "connection refused" using puTTY. And I could't have a working command prompt with TelnetEnable on windows.
Can anyone tel me how do I have to do? thank you very much.
And, of course, if someone tell me there's a better firmware for this router, open source, I'll install it. I just want to get rid of the firmware I have on it, because it does not allow me to connect to my internet provider.
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more recent open source

more recent open source firmwares are available here: (VEVG2500-1NCGES).

But I still dont know how to install them...