Integrating SevOne With DD-WRT / Tomato Routers to Export Netflow Data

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Integrating SevOne With DD-WRT / Tomato Routers to Export Netflow Data

Spoiler alert, I work for SevOne.

However, I know a bunch of you love getting the most performance and data out of your DD-WRT router. Well the company I work for, SevOne, recently released a free VMware solution to monitor network traffic and source out bandwidth issues. Normally this software is targeted towards businesses monitoring hundreds of thousands of elements, but it works just as well on a home network.

Anyway, I wrote up a quick tutorial on how to integrate it below for those of you that are interested:
Download SevOne's Network Performance Management Software

1. Boot and do the initial setup on the SevOne VPas

2. Log Into Your DD-WRT router. I am using a Buffalo N600 WZR-HP-AG300H running  DD-WRT v24SP2-MULTI (11/20/11) std, but any version of DD-WRT should work, and the instructions should be pretty similar.

3. Click the "Services" Tab and find the bit about RFLOW / MACupd:

4. Set the following options:
RFlow: Enable
Server IP = The IP Address of the SevOne VPas
Port: 9996
MACupd: Disable
Interface: Lan & WLAN
Interval: Whatever you want, I recommend 10 seconds

5. In your SevOne VPas go to the home screen, and in the bottom left click "Add A Device"

6. Fill in the following fields:
Name: Name of the device
Alt Name: Whatever you wish
Description: Whatever you wish

Polled By: SevOne Appliance
Frequency: I recommend 5 minutes
Polling: Enabled
TimeZone:  Whatever you wish
Automatic Discovery: On
Manual Discovery: On
Discovery Label: Auto
Work Hours: System Default

SNMP Capable: Checked
Version: Should be 2
Lock Version: Checked
SNMP Port: 161
Read String: Public

7. Save the device.

That is it! After waiting a few hours you should have some great information on your network and be able to troubleshoot bandwidth issues and see where your bandwidth issues are. You can also add more network elements if you feel brave!

Let me know if you have any issues!