iptables firewall possibility ?

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iptables firewall possibility ?

Hi there,

I'm new to netgear, and I'm looking to find a cheap firewall appliance that could replace "as is" my oldy linux debian firewall.


I would like to know if in the list of possible opensource firware, there is one that have iptable in kernel working ?


I've tried standard N150 modem but the firewall functions are too poor for my use & I did not suceed to make it worked with my ADSL modem (certainly at the end a problem of RJ11 - RJ45 interface.

I've just tried D-LINK dir645 sucessfully configured with my modem (it only have RJ45 so good for my modem inputs) but firewall is still not giving me what I want.

I would like to be able to restrict my user to comunicate to certain application ports and restrict incoming communications from certain ports to be restricted, 2 iptables lines, a nightmare of configuration with default firewall interfaces...

So, if someone says me that a firwmare will do that easily, then I'll try N600 or something like that.


your help would be well apreciated.



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First, if you have a router

First, if you have a router which is supported by DD-WRT or Tomato, you are able to use them. As far as I could Google, dir645 is not supported. In either DD-WRT or Tomato entering iptables commands in a firewall script is very easy, and it works along with the default SPI firewall.

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Yes !

Yes !
Thank you,
I've purchased a WRN3500LV2,
intalled Tomato,
configured correctly,
copy pasted iptables lines I had previously in my RIP old Linux server directly in the iptables script section, and it works perfectly,
very very (very) satisfied.