IPv6 and DD-WRT

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IPv6 and DD-WRT


For the first time I tried to flash my WNR3500L. After a little fear time of non-booting, I configured the router with firmware "DD-WRT v24-sp2 mini (c) 2009 NewMedia-NET GmbH
Release: 11/25/09 (SVN revision: 13309)"

But, contrary to the Netgear's official firmware (the latest), I don't see any menu/options to configure IPv6. My ISP is providing a native /64 (in reality, it's not a native, it's a 6to4 routed by their routers BUT, it appears like native IPv6 : 6to4rd?). In the past, I was able to select some thing like a "bridge" to the modem and all the network was having IPv6.

I tried following some guides to install IPv6 but, for some howto, the brouting command is not included in kernel, and for others howto, I don't have "radvd" in the router.


I don't know how should I proceed, besides, I've seen multiples versions in download area, by Kong, and on officials DD-WRT website, others versions. Is there some I can't install on WNR3500L ? (because of proprietary wifi chip ?)


Thanks in advance

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radvd is not included in your

radvd is not included in your dd-wrt mini, so you should load some bigger dd-wrt build which includes it.

Just in case you haven't seen this one:


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Thank you.

Thank you.
I downloaded "big" version.

But a new problem appeared.
To get a native ipv6 address, i'm forced to start radvd manually (the file is stored in /tmp/, so, at boot, i'm only ipv4.

Besides, there's no connectity (looking glasses can ping the XX::1 (the router) but not the computers inside the LAN).
I haven't installed ip6tables, but i think it's a forwarding problem...

Any idea ?