IPv6 Port Forwarding

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IPv6 Port Forwarding

Hello all.

I just recently installed the latest Shibby on my R7000 and it looks like I have IPv6 configured correctly. At first my clients were not passing test-ipv6.com but after enabling "Announce IPv6 on LAN (DHCP)" they are now able to. (I still have "Announce IPv6 on LAN (DHCP)" enabled. Not sure if this required or recommended).

Now for the problem. I have a software on one of these clients that i need to connect to from outside of the network that answers on a specific port. I have tried creating a forwarding rule with my client IPv6 address as the destination. Unfortunatly, I can not access this service using the router's WAN IPv6 addresss or the clients IPv6 address.


Any thoughts?