Issues install dd-wrt on r9000

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Issues install dd-wrt on r9000

​I just purchased an R9000 and would like to install dd-wrt. I'm running into 2 issues. This is my first time flashing a router with opensource software.

1. The reset button does not work. I hold for 7 seconds and I see it boot up but all the settings are not affected. I tried holding for 30s powering off while holding for 30s and keeping it held for 30 while power back up and still the setting were not reset. Resetting from genie software *does* work. Is this going to be an issue for installing DD-WRT or updates in the future?

2. I need a way to bypass the startup wizard. I want to flash the firmware while having default settings. I tried following the instructions from the Netgear KB "How to avoid the Genie Startup Wizard" but that just gives me a message about a file not being found. Any idea on how to avoid the startup wizard?