Issues rebooting R7500 on Kong DD-WRT

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Issues rebooting R7500 on Kong DD-WRT

Hi, I am new to this forum and the whole router reflashing. I wanted a router with good CPU so I could run VPN, this was my main feature required. I had been advised to purchase a Nighthawk and was lucky to get an R7500v1. This was until I looked for firmware for it....... I have finally settled on the Kong dd-wrt, although I like the look of Voxel, being a newbee seems a bit too much for me to work out how to run a VPN client from it, or evem if this is possible.

Now I do like the Kong DD-WRT, but the only issue I find is that when I reboot the router, it doesn't come back up. I have to hold the reset button in when I start it untill the power light flashes orage 3 times, then let go of reset. This then boots up the router.

But the 1.4ghz dual core seems to do the trick on aes-128, harldy lose any mbits :-)

I would love to try other firmwares, but there doesn't appear to be many for the R7500. I would like to be able to ustilise the 5ghz, but I guess unless on Voxel, I can't. Does Voxel have a VPN client incorporated? or if it doesn't, will it have so in the future?

If anyone has come across the "reboot failure" before and knows how to get around it, I would be very interested in what to do

Many thanks for taking the time to read this