Issues with sharing a USB drive- Kong's firmware

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Issues with sharing a USB drive- Kong's firmware

Hey guys,


I'm having a terrible time trying to setup a 3TB external drive formatted via ext3 to work and hoping someone could help.  What I've done thus far:

1. Partitioned the drive into 2 partitions, a 500mb NFTS drive; and a second drive formatted via ext3 and named "jffs"

2. Plugged the drive in to the router, and then enabled Automatc Mount in the USB tab of Kong's firmware.  The drives show up here as mounted.  But see below for the first "unsupported" issue.



As you can see, the jffs 2.7tb drive appears to be mounted to /dev/sda6 and named jffs.


3.  In the NAS section of DD-WRT, when I go down to add shares, it only shows 2 options, being /mnt and /mnt/sda5.  It doesn't show /mnt/sda6.  Given only two drives mounted, I'm assuming the /mnt one is the jffs drive so mounted it as such.


Now, when I map the jffs and swap drive to my Windows PC, it shows up as a 20mb drive (odd, as again one is a 500mb drive and the other a 2.7tb drive), and has the sda5 directory in it and not sda6?


I'm at an utter loss as to how to fix this and have tried reformatting (looks like above I may have forgot to name the NTFS drive properly to swap but that's not my big issue) several times and remounting.

Any help you guys could provide would be immensely appreciated!  I'm obviously doing something wrong and being a relative newb at this I can't figure it out.